5 of the best vibrators for women (Plus complete shopping guide)

Over the last couple of years I have had the intense pleasure of using allot of sex toys, mainly vibrators. With this experience comes great responsibility to inform the women of the world about the best available vibrators.

As an American, I get all my best vibrators from Adam&Eve and the occasional one from Amazon. I would never shop anywhere else. The range of vibrators from these two stores is incredible and the prices are even better. So, without any further ado, here are my 5 best vibrators of all time.

5. Clone-A-Willy Vibrator

The Clone-A-Willy vibrator allows you to make a clone of any available penis. The kit comes with everything you need to make the clone, including a vibrating bullet that slides into the wet moult and turns the whole package into a vibrator.

The kit is extremely easy to use, and the vibrator will be ready in just a couple of hours.

The Clone-A-Willy kit is extremely popular among women who have partners that work away. The kit allows him to clone his penis so his partner can use it any time.

What’s more, the Clone-A-Willy vibrator is extremely fun to make and even more fun to use. It is the perfect gift for the woman that has it all. The simple five step process included some extremely fun parts, like putting his willy in the wet moulding plaster. The vibrator is completely safe to use to massage your vagina when its left to completely dry.

4.  Dorcel Luxury Collection Too Much

Is ‘Too Much’ pleasure possible? I’ve experienced what would come close to being too much pleasure, but just like you cannot reach the speed of light, you theoretically cannot reach that point where you experience too much pleasure.

However, to get close, you must use the Too Much vibrator from the Dorcel luxury Collection. This appropriately named vibrator is one of the best G-Spot vibrators available.

Too Much has been designed and manufactured by Marc Dorcel, one of the world’s leading pornography directors. Its obvious by its range of sex toys that he knows the female body better than most females.

Too Much is the best selling vibrator in the collection and its easy to see why women love it so much. The slight curve of the shaft is complimented by the waves of texture that massage your G-Spot with pure-perfection.

The ultra powerful motor is a thrilling addition to the already perfectly shaped vibrator. I picked mine up for less than $50 and would have paid much more than that for what I now realize is one of he best G-Spot orgasms a sex toy can provide.

3. Lovehoney Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

The Squeel is ultimately one of the world’s most famous sex toys, at least it is in the United States. Made famous by LoveHoney’s 2010 sex toy design competition, the Sqweel has enjoyed the title of the ‘World’s Best-Selling Oral Sex Toy’.

In 2011 the oral sex simulator gained its world-wide fame with an AVN Awards nomination. Sqweel has since been re-born with the release of the Sqweel 2, a major improvement on the original version.

The Sqweel 2 has 10 tongues that are rotated around and when contact with the vagina is made, the tongues simulate oral sex.

With plenty of lubrication, the user will experience intense orgasms that she would usually feel from oral sex. The Sqweel 2 comes in two different colors, black and white and has several different modes of rotation.

2. LELO GIGI 2 Personal Massager

Lelo are undoubtedly one of the best vibrator manufacturers in the world. Their designed and innovative and their end-products are crafted with superior skill.

The Gigi 2 is on of my personal favorite Lelo vibrators and it is the best G-Spot vibrator I have ever used, period. The unique, flat head design allows you to rest the top of the vibrator on your G-Spot and massage with minimum effort.

The extremely soft silicone is luxurious to touch and feels like you are massaging your G-Spot with a fluffy cloud.

Like most European vibrators, Lelo has extremely powerful motors. In fact, many women may find the motors too powerful at first.

The Gigi 2 is on the higher price range of vibrators, however it is not too expensive. If you shop around like me, you’ll pay less than $150.00, which may sound expensive but is ridiculously cheap for the quality.

All Lelo vibrators come with a stupidly good one year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee. To be honest I’m not sure what exactly a quality guarantee is, but I like it! The vibrator comes with eight modes of vibration and is 100% waterproof.

1.  We Vibe 4 Plus

The past vibrators from We Vibe were ugly and just plane disgusting. No one could have anticipated the game-changing We-Vibe range, except the people that invented the we-vibe.

The first couple of versions of this revolutionary couples’ vibrator were pretty poop. They were clunky and just didn’t make you cum as hard as they should. It took them a couple of revisions, but finally, we-vibe got the formula right.

After the We-Vibe 4, the game had been changed and soon after, the We-Vibe 4 Plus sent shocks through everyone that owned a vibrator, “why didn’t I want and get this instead,” they cried.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is the world’s first vibrator to come with a smart phone application. This may sound stupid but its actually the best thing that has ever happened to my vagina, oh and my relationship too I guess.

The smart phone application can control the vibrator from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a WiFi connection. The application also allows you to program your own pattern of vibration so you can create one that is best for you and save it for later.
I hope you have enjoyed my list of best vibrators and enjoy using them even more. If you have any questions or recommendation, please let me know in the comment section below.

However, before I sign off, what about we go over what you should consider when shopping for a vibrator. In the next section, I present the best vibrators for women buying guide.

Your Buying Vibrator Guide

Vibrators for women are the most popular adult toy and this is the item most people think of when they think of sex toys. There are many choices today and we will do our best to enlighten you about the different types available.

Take good care of your vibrator and it should last a good while! Don’t expect miracles, though! They ARE novelties and most are made out of the U.S.

Talking About Batteries

Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly. Check the battery contacts and look to see whether they are shiny or corroded. Just because a battery or vibrator is new, doesn’t mean that there won’t be some corrosion present. This corrosion will prevent a good contact and make your pleasurable vibrations troublesome!

Use a good quality battery and remove it if your vibrator or other sex toy isn’t going to be used for awhile. It’s a good idea to stock a few extra batteries so you don’t get caught short just when you want to use your toy the most!

Multi-Speed versus Single-Speed Vibrations

Although most vibrators today are multi-speed models, you can still find single speed in the lower priced models. If you are particular about what speed you like, whether it is soft or more aggressive, be sure to purchase and use a multi-speed model of vibrator. You may want a more gentle speed in the beginning and a more vigorous vibration as you get closer to orgasm.

Classic Vibrators

Vibrators with the classic shape are still extremely popular with our customers. These are usually made of plastic or metal, but can also be made of silicone or other type of material.

The classic vibrator also comes in many different sizes. We would recommend a beginner stay with the normal sized vibe, such as the 6  or 7 inch models. In addition, to the regular plastic and metal vibes, there are also waterproof vibes with the classic shape.

These have become more and more popular. These are made waterproof, usually by using a waterproof seal in the battery opening. Make sure this seal is in place before using your “waterproof” vibrator in the water!

Specialty Vibrators
You can purchase a vibrator with just about any animal shape, from a Teddy Bear to a Koala, or from a Panther to a Butterfly! All of these fun vibes are made of a softer material, such as Soft Touch or Cyberskin. Either one of these materials are VERY comfortable, giving the user a wonderful, sensuous experience. They are easily washable. We would suggest the Foreplay Toy Cleaner in our Lube area. This will ensure cleanliness and safety for your toys.

Let us repeat the mantra, do not share your vibrators with others and do not use your vaginal vibrators as anal vibrators!

Egg-Shaped Vibrators

The egg-shaped vibrators are wonderful for using on the clitoris or anus. They are usually multi-speed and are attached to a battery pack with a long cord.

Shapes of these vibrating bullets and beads include the traditional egg-shape, bunnies, bears, dolphins and other exotic creatures. What we especially like about these small vibrators is their changeable speeds – you can get a spectacular orgasm from adjusting the speed and location of these fun toys!

G-Spot Vibrators

Women have just recently discovered the enjoyment of stimulating their G-spot with a specially curved vibrator. The G-spot is a cushion of tissue wrapped around the urethra. Your urethral sponge may be stimulated through the front wall of your vagina in the same that a man’s prostrate gland can be stimulated through the front wall of his anus.

Every woman has this urethral sponge, but not all have the same enjoyable response to its stimulation. We encourage you to explore your G-spot and find out if this is for you.

Vibrating Clitoral Stimulators

The butterfly vibes are small vibrators that rest close to a woman’s clitoris, usually by a harness type strap or inside a pair of panties. These small stimulators are quiet and private while being used.

You can find them in a variety of cute creatures! We highly recommend these to our customers! Do your housework while wearing one for an extra special kick!

Anal Vibrators

A vibrating butt plug can enhance and titillate the many nerve endings of your anus and is a fabulous way to enhance anal penetration. Feel free to use a regular vibrator for anal stimulation, but purchase one long enough that you can still hold onto it and not “lose it”. Many regular vibrators include sleeves and/or attachments for anal use.

It is critical that you use a lubricant while using any anal toy. The anal canal does not produce lubrication like the vagina does. You would be rewarded with a very unpleasant experience if you did not use some anal lube!