Don Juan Review for Good Vibrations

Some people on the internet appear to think anal toys are just for men. (Or, worse, just for gay men.) Some websites even have anal toys exclusively under a “for men” section. They’re silly and misguided, and the Don Juan from GoodVibes is one toy that proves why.

The Don Juan is a 100% silicone, boilable, smooth little toy. It’s firm but has enough flex and give to be completely comfortable. The base fits nicely between my cheeks, and is also completely comfortable. My Don Juan is a rich, glossy burgundy color, with lovely swirls, but it also comes in black.

Besides its safety and comfort, there are two important things about the Don Juan.

  1. The bloops. They feel really nice as K slides the toy in and out of my posterior.
  2. The curve. It hits my g-spot. Because of this, it gave me my first orgasm that originated entirely in my rear.

I can’t recommend this toy as a plug. The Don Juan doesn’t stay in during dildo use or while I move around, but it does stay in while I’m lying down. K used this to his advantage last night. He had me lie down on my stomach, slid the anal sex toy into me (with plenty of lubricant), fucked me with it for a little while, then told me to stay there while he went and did other things.

I played with the toy while he was gone. When I squeezed against it, I could feel the bloops. By pushing on the base just a bit, I stimulated my g-spot, and that’s when I had my first anal orgasm. It wasn’t as huge and overwhelming as g-spot orgasms originating in my vagina, but it was still an amazing experience.

By the time K came back, I was incredibly aroused. We found a new position in which it’s possible for me to give him a blowjob with the Don Juan still inside me.

K’s warming up to the idea of anal toys, and it’s likely this is the first one he’ll use on himself. If that happens, I’ll update the review with his experiences.

The Don Juan is safe, comfortable, and it feels amazing. A good first toy for your butt, it’s also good for the experienced.

Even advanced players should find it valuable as a warm-up toy that stimulates exactly the right spots. And since it’s only $22, I feel I can recommend the Don Juan to everyone.